Who the heck is Content Media Group?

cmg_demotapeContent Media Group is a full-service, award-winning video production company and post-production house based in Los Angeles. Our mission is simple: Create compelling content that cuts through the existing digital noise. Our team has over 25 years of experience producing critically acclaimed material for broadcast television, corporate video and new media.

While we are proud of the 40 Emmy nominations and 11 Emmy Awards, we are more impressed with the word of mouth advertising from our clients. Success isn’t solely measured by a balance sheet. We value the long-term relationships that have been forged over the past decade with companies who entrust their image to us. Our clients dig the fact we make the video production process pain-free and super easy. Some even have fun...imagine that!

emmys5-cmgIntegrity. Quality. Passion. These are the hallmarks of Content Media Group and they won’t break the bank. Our cost-effective video production process is very unique to a Los Angeles-based production company. Whatever the medium: TV, internet, mobile content, radio. Whatever the genre: reality TV, documentary, marketing video, info-tainment, web video. We produce video that produces results! What can we produce for you?

Meet the Team

Jeff MacIntyre - Owner/Producer

jeff_macintyre_tv_producerSince 1988, Jeff MacIntyre has been producing reality-based/news-formatted television content, infomercials and documentaries. He’s won 11 Emmy Awards and believes everyone has a story to tell and, working with ABC News, has traveled the world to bring those stories to light. Jeff recently received two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow Awards for the ABC documentary "The Legacy of Heart Mountain". This is one of the highest honors in broadcast journalism! Watch Jeff's Emmy Acceptance Speech.

Jeff's been in the digital trenches since dial-up and has a crazy passion for New Media. Proud to be a New Media Loud Mouth, he travels the world to speak and share his enthusiasm with students and other creative content creators. Check out his college speaking site for more info.

jeff_macintyre_filming_chinaJeff's roots lie in radio. He’s been cracking the mic ever since he started using Clearasil. For the past ten years, Jeff MacIntyre has hosted a nationally syndicated radio show. He graduated top of his class at USC with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Third Person Biography Composition.

Passionate about the future of New Media Journalism, he has partnered with Friendship Tours to offer students New Media Journalism/Digital Storytelling Educational Trips. He's also the co-founder of Strong Villages, a non-profit dedicated to providing support to indigenous people worldwide.


Jay Smith - Partner

jay_smithJay Smith is a writer/director/videographer with extensive credits in the field of new media.  Although he has spent over a decade in the world of corporate video, Jay is also a graduate of UCLA’s MFA Theater, Film & TV program.  While at UCLA, Jay earned a DGA Award for his work as a narrative filmmaker and was commissioned to serve as a Director on MTV’s critically acclaimed True Life documentary series.  Jay Smith is currently producing content for various distribution channels—and bringing the skills he’s honed in the craft unscripted media to the world of corporate video.

Production Services

Content Media Group is your one-stop shop for full service video production. Our seasoned directors and producers oversee all aspects of your video production.

Idea Generation
Crew Selection
Post Production
Motion Graphics
Music Composition
Digital Distribution
Website Integration
DVD Duplication

Los Angeles based since 1990.

They Really Like Us


The work Jeff does is always exceptional, on budget and on time. His abilities and sense of humor, have gotten us through more deadlines than I care to count!


You and your team have been terrific to work with! We are thrilled with the quality of the videos. We will definitely call on you again!!!


Really nice work on the video. Best marketing splash to date. Substantive reviews, solid messaging and lots of re-Tweets.


Working with Jeff to create our first promotional video was a treat! He is not only a true professional, but also a joy to work with.


Over the past ten years, it has been my pleasure to work with Jeff MacIntyre. He has been 150% reliable, beats his deadlines, and comes in on budget.