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marketing_video_skechersMarketing without video is like fishing in a dry lake. Not to judge, but that doesn't sound like a solid plan. The boat rental and night crawlers alone are over $125! Hey, here's a crazy thought...go fishing where you know there are fish! Marketing with video to promote a product, business or service is super smart. Your customers expect to see video on your website. Text bores, video sells.

marketing_video_fashionConvert viewers into buyers with the most powerful tool: a creative, compelling marketing video. Cue the dusty, old adage...You only get one shot to grab someone by the collar and shake 'em up. Content Media Group will arm you with the necessary tools to engage, move and motivate your customers.

Whatever your need: web video, commercials, market research/ethnography video, corporate video production. We produce corporate videos that produce results! Plus, we offer a Pain-Free Guarantee. We promise to make the video production process super easy. You may even enjoy the ride!

5 Reasons to Love Boring Corporate Videos

  • Cheaper than Ambien
  • Fun to mute sound and make up new dialogue with a Jersey accent
  • Opportunity to master the art of sleeping with eyes open
  • Great discipline tool for unruly kids
  • Perfect example of what NOT to do in your video!


Video Success Secrets

Corporate Concoction: Less Ambien, More Red Bull

We’re not sure when the memo was issued about the need for Corporate Videos to be Snooze-a-Polooza fests. Thankfully, we never got it. We’ve always raged against the boring Corporate Machine. Just because the subject matter may be perceived as “entertainment-challenged”, we’ve been staunch advocates for crankin’ the creative to eleven.

Anatomy of a Corporate Video

Facts. Every corporate film’s mission statement is to disseminate new information -Facts- about a new product, breakthrough, process, insert corporate speak here. Reality check: Facts don’t engage an audience. Stories do.

Facts repel. Stories sell.

The goal of anyone tasked with making a product video, marketing video, training film or company promotional video should be: Find the story within the facts. Fact regurgitation doesn't make for a good video. In today's congested web space, you need to hook people with powerful stories. Stories sell. Stories motivate. If you aren't telling stories in your marketing communication, you aren't connecting. You must connect before you can sell.

Regardless of the industry, product line or corporate sector, lie stories ripe for the telling. We will help find and transform them into engaging, value added video content.

6 Cr8tive Video Ideas (maybe more…read on)

  • Product Videos in the style of movie trailers. (Of course, movie trailer voiceover dude included.)
  • Spice up your humdrum About Us page with fun profile videos.
  • Testimonial Videos shot documentary style.
  • Turn a Training Video into a competition-style reality show.
  • Transform dry facts/stats into colorful, animated info-graphics.
  • Revisit #1. Come on, you have to admit that’s a pretty cool idea. Can’t you see people sharing your fun product trailer with their associates?
  • Tech Support Videos with over-the-top, soap opera-style re-enactments of common problems. Again, this stuff is shareable. And that’s the point.
  • The Beast Needs Feeding

    The appetite for online video is ballooning. Every day brings hungrier consumers. Like zombies, they won’t rest until they eat all the videos they can find. Feed them tasty, satisfying content and they’ll feed you with sales, promotion and loyalty.

    Can our videos really do all that? No, but they can open the door. After that, everything you fancy MBA’s learned in biz school will need to put into action. Go get ‘em, champ!

    We’d love the opportunity to help you look good. Contact us for more corporate/marketing video ideas.

Corporate Video Profile: Dirty Girl Mud Run

Dirty is the new clean! Adventure races have never been hotter...or crazier! One of the biggest and dirtiest players in the race space is Dirty Girl. And we mean that in the best way. Dirty Girl Mud Run events not only deliver on an unforgettable experience, they empower women of all ages and sizes to run, walk, climb, jump, and laugh their way, hand in muddy hand, to an unabashed sense of accomplishment. We like that and were excited to have the opportunity to produce a promotional video to inspire others to make muddy memories.

Corporate Video Profile: Live Office

Live Office, a Los Angeles-based IT company, needed something fresh for an upcoming trade show. A traditional, talking head corporate video wouldn't do. They wanted to push the creative envelope and make an imprint. After all, their audience is IT-minded folks. Down with the tech talk, up with the fun!

You've met "The Most Interesting Man in the World". Now, meet "The Laziest Sales Guy in the World". Content Media Group had the opportunity to produce two comedy commercials for LiveOffice spoofing the Dos Equis' campaign. Read all about: Spoofing "The Most Interesting Man in the World" Commercial in our Production Blog.

Marketing Videos | Defined

Marketing Videos are short-form videos used to promote, inform or sell a product, service, business or person. The main goal of a marketing/promo video is to engage the viewer with a strong marketing message to increase the opportunity for a sale.

Numbers Don't Lie: Online Video is Hot!


  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube DAILY!
  • YouTube #3 site online after Google and Facebook.
  • Advertisers spent over $5.6 billion on YouTube.
  • 26 billion views of cat videos in 2014.