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Holocaust Documentary-Hiding HalinaDocumentary film making has got to be one of the most boring things! Are you feeling me? If so, click here to watch some quality content: "Three's Company" re-runs. Now that was some well-crafted TV art.

Saving Our Parents-Ed AsnerOkay, coast is clear. Now that we lost the anti-doc-ites, we can share a secret. We frickin' love documentaries! We love watching them, making them and bashing Michael Moore. Aaaah, the doc. This unassuming genre could possible be the most powerful. Done right, a documentary can change a life, move a people, reverse a stereotype, fill a mind and start a movement.

Cuban Music DocumentaryFinally, this art form is getting the love it deserves. Our arms are outstretched! Content Media Group has produced numerous documentary films. From exposing an underground musical movement in Cuba to profiling the life of a child survivor of the Holocaust, we've tackled a diverse list of subjects. After all, diversity keeps things interesting! No matter the subject matter, it all begins and ends with The Story. It's impossible to make a strong documentary without a strong story. Stories are what make the human experience interesting. We love telling a good one! Perhaps yours? If you crave more Doc info and would like to see our entire library, visit

Documentary Profile: The Great Cookie Comeback

The feature-length documentary, "The Great Cookie Comeback: Rebaking Wally Amos", will chronicle the second-coming of Wally Amos--the ‘Amos’ behind Famous Amos Cookies--one of the most popular brands in modern history. At 80, he's attempting to make the same cookie famous again. Can he pull it off???


Documentary Profile: The Napalm Girl

Documentary-Napalm Girl

Imagine the thrill of having the opportunity to tell the true story behind one of history's most iconic photos. The Napalm Girl photo was taken over forty years ago. Amazingly, it's just as powerful and relevant today. We traveled to Vietnam to the very spot where that moment was captured to produce this doc for ABC. All the key players were interviewed...the little girl, the photographer, the reporter, Vietnam vets...we're extremely proud of this special. Read more about Producing "The Power of a Picture" in the Production Blog. Here's Act One from the critically-acclaimed show:

"The Power of a Picture: The Napalm Girl" is available for public screenings and filmmaker panel discussion. Please contact us for more info.


Documentary | Defined

Documentary Film is a broad category of moving pictures intended to document some aspect of reality. A documentary stands out from the other types of non-fiction films for providing an opinion, and a specific message, along with the facts it presents. It's main goal is to capture life "as-is" without external manipulation.

Doc Screenings

Many of our docs are available for public screenings. Fun filmmaker panel discussions? Yes! We do those, too. Contact us for more info.