New Media / Branded Content Production

new_media_reality_video_hustlerNew Media/Branded Content excites us! The fact you can consume media anywhere, on any device is super cool. However, we feel it's a tad redundant to label it "New Media". It's just Media. Knee deep in the decade of convergence, video content is flying fast and furious from laptop to smartphone to desktop to flat panel. The appetite for fresh, quality content is insatiable! Content Media Group is happy to feed the video-hungry masses!

new_media_sportsNew Media content comes in many flavors: Web series, webisodes, branded content, website video content, viral videos, mobile content, etc. We have successfully produced numerous reality-based series for the internet. Read our New Media case study about the web series "Video Hustler" for more details on this hot genre. Our web video production team is one of the most sought after. We like that!

New Media Sampler

New Media Video Production

Content Media Group produces quite a load of New Media Content. Some have even said we've become industry leaders (not sure if they were sober at the time). Web or mobile, demand for original video content continues to surge. Check out our New Media Content sample platter!

New Media | Defined

New Media is a broad term that encompasses the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word, with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, computer-enabled consumer devices and most importantly the Internet. Other terms: web video production, web video content, webisodes, viral video, branded content.