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sizzle_reels_cxsWe get it. You’ve got the next big reality concept. Sure, you can attempt a paper pitch. Don’t quit your “real job”, though. Today, a pitch without a smokin’ hot sizzle reel is a lot like trying to get pass the TSA with 35 live, rare iguanas stuffed down your pants. Ain’t happening. Can’t wait for the YouTube video, though!

In dem olden times, people were pitching all day, every day without video backup. Today it’s all about the Sizzle. Are we happy about it? Hell, no. Just like you, we’re working producers. It’s a lot of extra work! The fact everyone has the technology in their pocket to produce a demo, means the market is flooded with content. Everyone and their one-legged uncle has a video demo reel. Your show reel must cut through the noise of mediocrity and smack people in the face.

sizzle_reels_final_lapContent Media Group is all about The Sizzle! All sizzle, all the time around here. Whether you’re selling a TV concept, marketing a product/service/event or trying to create some “you buzz”, we’ll help rock you to the next level. Our video marketing tools get results. After all, you can’t make a sale until a door is opened. Our sizzle reels / show reels don’t waste time knocking, they kick the door down.

Arming yourself with such a powerful sales tool is a big stress reliever. A solid sizzle reel / promo video takes a load of pressure off you. Sure, you still have to seal the deal, but what a first impression! We grease the wheel, you keep it rolling. Deal?

reality_tv_school_gyrlsWe are committed to producing the most sizzle-rific sizzle reels known to the entertainment industry. Our standards may be set stupidly high, but we think you’ll thank us. Our videos help land meetings. We provide the sizzle, it’s up to you to serve the steak. That’s more than a cliche, it’s a good one. When you’re serious about selling your first TV show, you need a reel to work as hard as you do. Content Media Group would love to grill up a smokin' hot sizzle reel for you!

Sizzle Reel Profile: Moped Island


Sizzle Reel Profile: Video Hustler

Sizzle Reels-Video Hustler

Crazy. We love keeps things interesting. When we were pitched “Video Hustler”, all we could think was "Crazy Good!". The series spotlights the wild ride known as life for Rage, one of the hottest music video directors. Blending the cool factor of music’s A-List with Rage’s mad music video directing skills, it’s a fun ride that blasts viewers into the director’s seat. All the ingredients for compelling, original content are packed within this sizzle reel for Video Hustler.

Video Hustler was picked up and we produced 26 fresh episodes. It was a big success for the distributor...and us! This sizzle reel continues to open doors. Imagine what a similar pitch reel could do for your show idea, business concept or whatever needs SIZZLE. Contact us if you need some sizzle.

Sizzle Reels | Defined

Sizzle Reels are short, fast-paced videos that blend creativity with engaging sights and sounds to market a TV concept or product. The main goal of a Sizzle Reel is captivate the viewer with a stylized overview of a particular show concept, product idea or business initiative. Other terms: demo video, promo video, teaser video, show reel, pitch video.